My deep roots in Yamhill County come from a family legacy of loving and serving the community. My parents, Leslie (Albright) and Duane Overgard set the example that we can and should serve people and participate in civic and community service. My mom was my girl scout leader and a planner of local events and contests. My dad was a City Councilor and Union President. My mom taught me to be a diplomat and my dad taught me to be a bulldog. They also had examples of leadership, with my maternal grandparents, Ray and Ann (Murray) Albright serving the school board, running their businesses (LonDee Flowers and Alderbrook Gardens), and supporting multiple school programs. My paternal grandparents served in their own capacities with my grandfather as a volunteer firefighter and my grandmother the longtime Director of Yamhill County Veteran Services in an office she shared with the Commissioners. In fact, my earliest interactions with the Yamhill County Commission were getting candy from then-Commissioner Ted Lopuszynski while visiting my grandmother’s shared office space. Even further back, my great-grandfather, Don Murray, operated Bob & Don plumbing in McMinnville where the great Ed Gormley was once employed. He was also conservation farmer of the year for his timber harvest practices that were both efficient and ecologically sound. Another great-grandfather, Wayne (Swede) Lien sold produce locally and in nearby farmer’s markets. Leadership in my family extends beyond my direct lines with two uncles each serving as mayor and additional members volunteering as firefighters, school board members, and city councilors throughout my life.