I have always enjoyed helping people, representing the voices of others, and finding ways to improve the experience of my peers. In school, this meant student body elections so I could plan dances, spirit weeks, and class competitions. I served many roles from class leadership to ASB President. Immediately after high school I spent a session in a state Senator’s office which taught me more about legislative process than I could have ever learned in any class. But to class I went... In college, I served on advisory committees for issues like public safety, legislative action, and budget. I learned an incredible amount about process, advocacy, and representation. I drafted constituent correspondence for a legislator and learned the importance of hearing all voices. I volunteered for a local Mayor campaign and shortly after, housing standards.

When I came home from college, I ran for City Council as a write in and won after confirming I was Elizabeth Overgard as well as Elizabeth Wytoski, since I had votes in both my maiden and married name. After a term as a councilor, I was elected to Council President, and shortly after, I was appointed then later elected to Mayor. I was very excited to network with other Mayors, county leadership, and state government. During the last few years, I have been called upon by state leaders to provide advice, perspective, and other forms of feedback and have been honored to ensure that the experience and concerns of Dayton residents are heard at every level of government.

My elected service has provided ample experience to prepare me for county leadership and has developed my moderate and independent voice. Division and vitriol is counterproductive and prevents improvement. Leaders need to bridge gaps and bring people together to solve problems. As your next County Commissioner, I plan to focus on moving the county forward, as we are definitely better together.